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Who is in your professional community?

Who is in your professional community?

Alumni? Coworkers? LinkedIn stalkers?

Today I had the opportunity to reconnect with some other software developers at an alumni lunch. I was a TA for this cohort so it was awesome to reconnect with the group and hear about career progress & various life adventures.

It got me thinking about who we stay “linked in” with, beyond our immediate coworkers. As well as that, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” theory...

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How do you find flow? (and other questions from Mexico)

Surfing? Meditating? Binge watching GoT?

I’ve been working remote from Mexico with a group of digital hustlers for the past week and have been pleasantly surprised to find lots of flow here.

From sketch noting on the beach, to riffing on biz strategy with the traveling friends, the flow is strong this week.

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Seasons of change. My Year of The Engineer is complete!

How do you measure, measure a year?

Mainly in cups of coffee consumed, or # of musicals attended...

The leaves fall, MN lurches through another dramatic change of seasons, and I’m excited to announce I have completed my Year of The Engineer!

For the past year I’ve been running an experiment at Revel Health to see if I am an engineer. And the verdict is…

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