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Seasons of change. My Year of The Engineer is complete!

How do you measure, measure a year?

Mainly in cups of coffee consumed, or # of musicals attended...

The leaves fall, MN lurches through another dramatic change of seasons, and I’m excited to announce I have completed my Year of The Engineer!

For the past year I’ve been running an experiment at Revel Health to see if I am an engineer. And the verdict is…

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"It's a cheat!" (some thoughts on tool evolution and human response)

“This is an issue of shared values and perspectives,” my bike-advocate friend said. “This whole thing is about attentiveness. How do you deal with technology and the frailties of being a human being? Bicycles are mechanical augmentation of walking, really. It gets pretty ethereal—why is it bad to have a motor when you are already using gears? Who gives a shit if you are using a motor?"

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