Enterprise Rising Live Coverage

Enterprise Rising is taking place July 17th and 18th at TCF Bank Stadium. Follow along here as we post a quick recap video from each session.

Day 1 β€” July 17th

On Your Mark, Go!


Lift-off! Enterprise Rising 2019 is off to an amazing start. Looking forward to hearing from all of the incredible speakers and companies over the next two days. πŸš€

Sean Higgins: How I’m Doing It Smarter the 2nd Time


Second time's the charm. Sean Higgins, previous founder of VidGrid, gave us some insight as to how he's 'Doing it Smarter the Second Time Around' with his new company, BetterYou. Sean's proving that engagement is half the battle when it comes to employee wellness programs. Kudos. Great conversation πŸ‘

Sherry & Rob Walling: Keeping Your Shit Together as a Start-Up Founder with a Family


The work-life balance isn't an easy one, especially for founders. Sherry & Rob Walling just delivered an incredible presentation on 'Keeping Your Shit Together'. They shared in-depth, real life experience as founders and about how they’re currently working closely with other founders on sustaining healthy relationships and maneuvering stress, via their respective ventures ZenFounder.com and TinySeed.com. Awesome work, Wallings πŸ‘

Thompson Aderinkomi: Getting Your Start-Up to Six Figure Revenue without a Single Developer or Investor


Picture this: Your start-up, 6-figure revenue, without a SINGLE developer or investor. Sounds inapt, right? Not for Thompson Aderinkomi, founder of RetraceHealth and Nice Healthcare. Thompson just gave us immense insight on how he approaches the first and often toughest rounds of early-stage business development. Super impressive, Thompson, cheers πŸ––

Mary Grove & Rob Weber: Two VC’s Interview Each Other Covering All Things Midwest: Start-Ups & Funding


Mary Grove and Rob Weber have two remarkable portfolios as individual entrepreneurs and leaders in the funding world. Mary, co-founder of Silicon Northstars, and partner of Rise of the Rest Seed, has done an amazing job funding the midwest start-up ecosystems for years. Rob Weber, co-founder of Great North Labs and NativeX, is also a tried and true veteran when it comes to funding in the midwest. They threw questions back and forth in an immensely entertaining and informative fashion. Thanks Mary & Rob πŸ€™

Chris Carlisle: The Latest Data in Funding Rounds: Valuations and Other Landmines for Founders & Investors


Founders and investors often play a high stakes game when it comes to early-stage business valuations. Avoiding the potential landmines is what Chris Carlisle, start-up attorney at Gray Plant Mooty, was here to coach us on. Chris lead an incredibly engaging conversation and supported his teachings throughout a plethora of experience, successes, and invaluable findings along his way. Hats off to you, Chris 🎩

Priscilla Koeckeritz: Brutal Lessons Learned: Recruiting, Hiring, & Firing from $0-2M ARR


Priscilla Koeckeritz, co-founder of Energy Print, stopped by Enterprise Rising to deliver a captivating talk on the lessons she's learned throughout her years of experience. She explained the rigorous process of recruiting, hiring, and firing in the middle stages of a start-up venture and how to transition as smooth as possible. What a presentation. Excellent stuff, Priscilla πŸ‘

Day 2 β€” July 18th

David Karandish: How I’m Doing it Smarter the 2nd Time


David Karandish, founder of Jane.ai & previous owner of Answers.com, stopped by to give us his perspective on Artificial Intelligence and how it pairs with the need for on-call information in 2019. Loved the conversation, thanks David πŸš€

Eric Yuan: Building an Epic Company Culture in the Rocketship Called Zoom


How fitting is it that the founder of Zoom, Eric Yuan, video called into Enterprise Rising?! Eric gave us the key to his success as a founder, and that is creating a work environment that YOU would want to work at. Sounds simple, but how often do we follow through on that? Awesome talk, Eric πŸ‘

Peter Brasket: Partnerships, Channels, and Other Potential Time Sucks


Peter Brasket, co-founder of Zapinfo and Jobs2Web jumped in the conversation at Enterprise Rising to give us some game about partnerships and how to conserve time when it's our most important resource. Some wonderful gems throughout the entire conversation. Thanks, Peter πŸ™Œ

Ben Milne: The Hard Thing About Hard Things: Building Dwolla into an Industry SaaS Leader


A rare combination of articulate, funny, and incredibly intelligent, Ben Milne, founder of Dwolla. Ben gave us the rundown on hiring the right people, who are better than himself at the things he spends time on. He focuses on designing creative spaces for employees to be expressive & not shaming them when they are. Amazing, Ben. Thank you πŸš€

Mitch Coopet: Winding Down: The Rise & Shuttering of Rambl.ai


Mitch Coopet, CTO at Branch and previous co-founder of Code42, wrapped up Enterprise Rising 2019 in an incredible fashion. He talked about Code42, Ramble, and even a previous venture that didn't survive with great poise and integrity –something we don't see from founders enough. Thanks a bunch, Mitch. Looking forward to what you do next at Branch πŸ‘