14⚡️ideas from #HYPERGROWTH18 in SF

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As I write this second #HYPERGROWTH18 recap (first here) I am still staggered at the breadth and depth of what just happened… Por la segunda ves, I've compiled my sketch notes and videos into a listicle for easy consumption, digestion, and sharing. 

#1 - Goal setting…still works

Something about 🛬 travel helps us think, better. Setting goals on our way into SF set the guiding stars for the next 47 hours.

also check out timelapse from sketching 🤯

#2 - We work as a team, not as a family

For many hard-nosed hustlers this statement is inane, but all too often fast growing startups develop dysfunctions similar to imbalanced families.

Patty McCord set that straight, and she kicked off #HYPERGROWTH18 in SF by sharing hard earned wisdom from her Netflix adventures 🦄


#3 - Three types of people — those that suck, that don’t suck, and the legendary

Quotable CMO panel featuring: Christopher Lochhead, Heather Zynczak, Peter Isaacson

#4 - "You are a coach…and a player…"

Heidi Bullock made the morning 3/3, mainly due to sweet Abby Wambach stories and articulating how our roles dynamically change minute to minute based on team context 🙏

#5 - Believe in pizza again…

Andy Raskin shared strong examples of “why you now”, such as bringing hope to cynical SF ‘za lovers

#6 - 'Account based marketing’ is here to stay.

You familiar with ABM?

You should be.

Sangram Vajre had great presence and I was so busy taking photos of his slides I barely got any sketch notes taken 😬


#7 - Growth playbooks don’t exist.

Fantastic Growth panel: Emily Kramer, Hiten Shah, Yuriy Timen, and Kamo Asatryan 🙌

Markets are dynamic, we have to keep experimenting.

Don’t trust tools/services that have “growth on lock”.

#8 - Be fucking awesome.

This might sound too vague to be helpful, but Amelia Boone shared great stories about how during her most challenging race moments she’ll pause, laugh, and think “this is fucking awesome.”

Embracing the absurdity of life, like a champ.

#9 - Practice separating process from results

Amelia shared this insight based on how she cultivates her love for training/racing separate from her desire to win 💪

#10 - The human ability to transform challenge to opportunity is 🤯

Do you feel like you’ve peaked?

Do you feel like you’ve bottomed out?

Either way, Rich Roll’s story has something for you.

Straight legendary 👏

#11 - “Different is better than better”

Jill Rowley is another great example of fluidly stepping from challenge to challenge and collecting an incredible string of victories along the way 🙌

And she encourages us all to reflect on what we’re optimizing for. When is our focus on “getting better” maladaptive or lazy?

#12 — Customer Success (CS) is essentially an orchestration effort.

I highly recommend checking out Nick Mehta’s work. Clear, concise, and timely.

#13 — All presentations could use more hip-hop references 🎤

Also, this was the only presentation that made me hungry... Sean Kelly at SnackNation

#14 — Getting promoted is a mixture of science & art

And based on his track record Ryan Bonnici is a good guy to learn from.

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