Who is in your professional community?

Alumni? Coworkers? LinkedIn stalkers?

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Who is in your professional community?

Alumni? Coworkers? LinkedIn stalkers?

Today I had the opportunity to reconnect with some other software developers at an alumni lunch. I was a TA for this cohort so it was awesome to reconnect with the group and hear about career progress & various life adventures. 

It got me thinking about who we stay “linked in” with, beyond our immediate coworkers. As well as that, “you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with” theory...  

I captured some of the musings in this sketch 👇

I am very grateful to be connected to this creative, persistent, and motivated group of engineers 🙏


Check out the time lapse from this 👆sketch here 👈.


Quick Hits


I’m reading…

Shoe Dog, the Phil Knight memoir. This book intrigues me because I have always been “meh” about Nike, AND so far I am fascinated by how he makes sense of his journey.

Love em or hate em, ya can’t ignore em. Would recommend. 

I’m highlighting…

local startups with a video series on MinneInno. This week we highlighted InkIt, aka the future of direct mail. 

Check it out.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 5.06.55 PM.png

I’m excited about!

The InSight mission successfully landing on Mars! And the great reddit commentary:

“Yes, we sent a nuclear powered robot laser tank to Mars. It goes around zapping things for science.“

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