Second #HYPERGROWTH18, better than the first, and a lot more Californian

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As I write this second #HYPERGROWTH18 recap I am still stag...

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What if I told you a biz conference could be as fun as a music festival?

WOULD YOU 👍🏽 or 👎🏽 ?

Well dear reader, let me show you what just happened in San Francisco, and you decide for yourself.

Here is my distilled recap based on 12+ sketches, 3 vlogs, and 47 hours of 🤯🤩🧐🤓

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14⚡️ideas from #HYPERGROWTH18 in SF

As I write this second #HYPERGROWTH18 recap (first here) I am still staggered at the breadth and depth of what just happened… Por la segunda ves, I've compiled my sketch notes and videos into a listicle for easy consumption, digestion, and sharing. 

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Check out the 99 second video recap here.

How do you distill big experiences?

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