Hydra FPV Brings Competitive Drone Racing to the Bar [Video]

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What do flying computers and the ‘mainstream’ have to do with your fav...

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Are drone races going mainstream?

Some people think so…

Now, what do flying computers and the ‘mainstream’ have to do with your favorite weekly email?

Long story short, drone racing is visually fascinating & top-level drone racers are the “best flavor of nerd”.

Imagine piloting a hummingbird…add FPV cameras…and lots of cool lights… now you got it!

See the awesome for yourself here 👇

So, whether drone racing replaces football on Sundays, becomes a gambling cash-cow, or just produces some neat videos, color me intrigued.


@HydraFPV Race Highlights

I enjoyed the MinneDemo drone race a ton, so I made it up to Fridley on Wednesday night for this FPV drone race. In a bar!

Check it out!


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Radical Candor by Kim Scott.

Fantastically useful insights for anyone that wants their daily communications to not suck. Especially helpful for me as I navigate projects with multi-functional stakeholders.

The Internet Is Loving…

our friendly northern neighbors and their newly legal buds.

As usual redditors are making the best of a good situation.


I’m sketching…

aspirational locations for drone racing… why? Imagine colorful drones zipping through your favorite architectural wonder!

So cool! Stay tuned for more.

Also! Next week I will be starting a series with MinneInno 🚀

Stay tuned in to STD and MinneInno to see our highlights and insights from events in the MSP tech ecosystem. #risingTide 🤝

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