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STD is your weekly dose of sketches, videos and observations from Tom Hart and the blueRaven team.

Sketchy Times Dispatch

sketches, videos, & insights from tom@blueRaven.Digital

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Be anxious for nothing, this weekly goldmine will make you 🧐 and 🤣 and sometimes maybe even 🤗.

Let’s cut to the chase.

This week I’ve got three gems to share with y’all:


// Coast to coast

I was fortunate to start September in Boston for #hypergrowth18 (Drift’s conference), and I’ll be in SF on the 24th for #hypergrowth18 West Coast edition.

See my Boston sketch notes and video here, and watch out for SF recap next week 💥🚀🎢

// Flow North

Long story short, myself and a few other MN creatives piloted 3 Flow North designs at the MN State Fair.

WHAT IS FN? A crowd-sourced project orchestrated by blueRaven boosting the Flow North of talent and attention

See our POC designs here and reach out with collab ideas 🙌


// 2018 feels like 🚀

The combined growth of Revel-Health (Tom’s daytime hustle), blueRaven (Tom’s nighttime hustle), and the MSP tech community is actually 🤯

Check out how we’re sketching signals from the noise on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube 🤝

Curious about the why, what, how of STD? Tune in next week friend. More to come.

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