Our Creatives

“A network of ninjas…”

One of our mentors compared our model to 👆, meaning an agile group of people that excel at particular skills.


Hi, I’m Tom

Chief Ruckus Maker 

I orchestrate the Blue Raven Digital network of creatives. I excel at pattern mapping and establishing shared understanding of context and trajectory. Several years of startup hustling has equipped me with experience in operations, marketing, sales, business development, as well as the facilitation of projects across these disciplines. 

Need an injection of polymath-ness into your project? Hit us up, if we recognize your idea’s potential we’ll put out the bat-signal to our network of rogue creatives. And then profit.


Want to connect with our creatives?

Some of our best creatives have jealous bosses at their main hustles, the sorts of dinosaurios that make everything into zero-sum games. Which is why we don’t recklessly share their info here.

Interested in connecting?

Two choices:

(a) engage us as a client

(b) join the network of creatives (see below).


Our client demand has a bad (good?) habit of maxing out our current network.

If you have side hustle capacity then apply to join us and

get better, faster, smarter at your main hustle.


// Interested? //

Shoot us a short video pitch.

(who are you? why do you want to side hustle with us?)


We are a nimble network, let us know what your dev/design side-hustle fantasies are and we’ll target more clients in that area.

Role Overview:

  • Scope — At this phase of hypergrowth we work exclusively with superstar side hustlers. We’re a network of folks that are rocking our main hustles, and these projects give us opps to use our skills in different contexts/teams.

  • Timeline — Our SOP is one week sprints, with commitments ranging from 4hrs to 20hrs.

  • Money — All blueRaven contractors are paid $150/hr