Hindsight is 2017

A reflection on Tom's milestones, shenanigans, and favorite projects from the past year.

Digital Architecture Projects

This year we evolved our definition of Digital Architecture to be:

the practice of designing and developing

the conceptual structure and logical organization of a digital-based system.

Sound nebulous? We agree. Please share your ideas/improvements.

Video Projects

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 3.49.17 PM.png

Video Campaign for "Ride The Wave"

Partnered with author John Wessinger to promote his new book "Ride The Wave".

hqdefault (1).jpg

Exploratory videos

This year I produced more than a dozen video experiments to increase my comfort with agile video production tools and workflow. Lots of good learning and foundation building for upcoming video projects!

Training Video Series

Worked with the communication team at Fraser to edit several videos for recruitment and training. 



Completed Dev Bootcamp

Thanks to Mark, Fred, and the cohort of incredible folks I had the chance to study Full-Stack Web Development with this past summer at Prime Digital Academy. I now geek out unabashedly about APIs, browser UX, and the wild present/potential of Agile methodology and open source software.


And I am currently passing forward some of my nerd-thusiasm at the UofMN's new software dev bootcamp!

Screen Shot 2017-12-29 at 12.08.19 PM.png

Light year for reading

Flooding my brain with code is my excuse for missing my 36 book goal, but I still found some time to read/listen to these gems. Would be happy to recommend and geek out on any of them. Hit me up. 


Despite a raging dumpster fire masquerading as a Federal Government, it has been a beautiful, nuanced, and optimistic year.


Partnered up 

Abby and I sealed the deal this October, changed our last name to Hart (hint: squish together Hansen + Brossart), hosted a big celebration o' love at her Grandpa's farm (it rained the whole day) and continue going on adventures of all sizes. 


Huge gratitude shout out to Abby, the Hansen and Brossart families, and our friends for supporting me/us throughout this big year of change and commitment.  


Leveled up to: Godfather

My brother/sister-in-law experienced temporary insanity and named me godfather of their amazing and cheeky daughter, thus graduating me from "Crazy Uncle Tom" to Godfather Tom. 


Watch out world, Luna is starting from awesome and rapidly progressing to my favorite Brossart ever. 

Two Toms, No Mic

Tom and Tom continue their shtick at No Mic Open Mic of making everyone else sound more talented and prepared. You're welcome, and just wait. One of these times we will remember most of the words. 



Dreamers, Makers, Doers

Thanks to the generous and inspiring souls at COCO, Impact Hub MSP, Pillsbury No Mic nights, the "Seward Commune" and Prime for incredible conversations, skyway walks, and general greatness. This MSP community is a well of lucid creativity and resilience in an age of distraction and division.


Looking forward to continuing the adventures with you all in the coming years. 

Integrative Health team at HCMC

The healers at HCMC's integrative health team changed my life this year. After years of confusing digestive issues and chronic fatigue I have found a path forward and unprecedented levels of well-being by working with these folks. 


Thanks to Mary, Peter, Robert and the whole crew that is leading the local charge on integrative medicine. You all are much needed, keep it up.

Want to work (or jam (or adventure)) together?